Why buy a bikini?

Do you remember the last gift you purchased for your woman? Maybe it was jewelry, candy, flowers? That's nice, but if you're looking for a unique gift idea that has the potential to re-ignite your passion, then read on friend. Discover why giving her a bikini could be one of your most memorable gifts ever.

Let's face it fellas - your lady likes feeling sexy. Every woman loves feeling desired. But being guys, sometimes we don't tell them we think they're sexy often enough. One great way to do that is with the gift of a bikini. More original than buying her lingerie, and less suggestive, a bikini tells her you think she's still as alluring as the day you met, even after all these years. Its easy to see why something as simple as a bikini can re-ignite a spark or even fuel a new flame.

Most of us guys wouldn't put bikini shopping at the top of their favorite-things-to-do list, so we decided to put together a little guide to help you pick out that perfect bikini. We don't claim this is a reference guide, rather we'll cover the most popular bikini styles here so you can make an informed decision without having to become a fashion expert.

Bikini Tops

Triangle Top Bikini

When most of us think of bikini tops, this is what we picture in our mind's eye. The triangle top, and variations of it, are the best selling bikini tops on the market, for a lot of reasons. They look great on both on all types of breasts - small and large, natural and enchanced.

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Bandeau Top Bikini

From the front, the bandeau bikini resembles a tube top, but it's actually a piece of fabric tied in the back. If your woman wears tube tops or similar clothing, that's a good indicator that a bandeau would be a good purchase for her.

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Butterfly Top Bikini

The butterfly bikini top is so named due to its shape. Its a relatively new style and celebrities around the world consider it *the* bikini top to be seen in. The butterfly looks great on enhanced breasts, as shown to the left.

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Sweetheart Top Bikini

The sweetheart bikini top is often misidentified as a bandeau because, from the front, it has the same amount of coverage. But unlike a bandeau, the sweetheart top has shoulder straps. Like bandeaus, they can also be embellished with jewels or crystals.

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Bikini Bottoms

G-String Thong

When most of us think of a skimpy micro bikini, this is the bottom we're picturing with it. Needless to say, most of us guys prefer this type of bottom because it covers the least. Be sure to know your woman's size before ordering one of these.

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Whale Tail Thong

Despite what some questionable websites might say, the whale tail is NOT g-string panties viewed from underneath other clothing. It is a bikini style, so named for the shape of the fabric when worn.

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Pucker Back Bikini

The pucker back is so named due to both its "puckered" fabric and its shape, which accentuates the natural shape of the buttocks.

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Bikini Skirt

The bikini skirt is kind of like a tube top for the lower half. It usually consists of semi-elastic material on the outside, concealing normal panty bikini bottoms underneath.

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